Welcome to FairEntry for the 2023 Koochiching County 4-H Showcase at the Fair!

Exhibit registration will open May 26th.

The deadline for registering exhibits is Friday, June 30th

The Koochiching County 4-H Showcase will be July 6 - 9 at the Northern Minnesota District Fair in Littlefork. Here are some helpful resources

Preparing and registering exhibits for the fair

Koochiching County 4-H 2023 Showcase Guide

Koochiching County 4-H Events Schedule at NMDF (Littlefork) Fair

If you have questions about fair registrations or anything related to 4-H at the fair, please contact Stacy Hall at smhall@umn.edu or 218-324-2709.

4-H Exhibitor and 4-H Staff Sign-In

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